Monday , 24 October 2016
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Dell EMC Releases InfoArchive as a Service

Tech giant Dell EMC is launching a new data and content management platform for enterprise customers designed to run in the cloud. Called ?EU?InfoArchive as a Service?EU? (IAaaS), the managed solution is designed to help companies archive vast amounts of data to make IT transitions a little easier.

?EU?We believe that InfoArchive as a Service will amplify the benefits that customers have already come to expect, including accessibility and compliance,?EU? said Andy Crowne, vice president Industry Solutions & InfoArchive, Dell EMC, in a statement. ?EU?Customers now have a choice of deployment, as well as enhanced vertical use cases, making the InfoArchive family an unbeatable set of solutions for increasing operational efficiency and tapping into the power of data.?EU?

Scalability, Compliance, and Security

Dell is promoting the new service as an easier way for companies to achieve their data compliance and security needs. According to the company, IAaaS will help save customers time, reduce IT costs, and simplify software management. It should also help bolster Dell EMC?EU?s InfoArchive offering, since it can incorporate and consolidate both structured and unstructured data and content from applications of all types into a hosted environment controlled by the company.

?EU?With data volumes growing exponentially and retention periods and rules increasing, organizations need an easily accessible and agile compliant data and content repository that can scale to meet their needs,?EU? the company said in the statement. ?EU?IAaaS enables users to get the most from their data and content — such as exposing it to end-user portals or reusing it for analytics, while maintaining regulatory compliance.?EU?

IAaaS is the latest addition to Dell EMC?EU?s managed services group, which deploys and manages enterprise content technology and solutions both on-premises or in the cloud. The company has been expanding its ?EU?as-a-service?EU? options, allowing customers to decide where and how solutions are deployed…