Wednesday , 26 October 2016
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HPE Rolls Out Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite

A new suite of tools announced today by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) aims to simplify data protection for enterprise IT departments. The HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite combines several of HPE?EU?s existing data backup and protection tools into a single platform, including Storage Optimizer, Data Protector and Backup Navigator.

The suite also promises improved efficiencies and data insights, thanks to several new analytics and protection tools. ?EU?Traditional data protection and management tools present significant challenges to IT departments due to their inability to handle growing volumes of data, new waves of diverse applications, and new data protection rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),?EU? the company said in a statement.

More Pressure on Data Management and Protection

Adequate data protection and management have become increasingly problematic for business IT departments, due to the confluence of increased levels of cybercrime and cyberwarfare just as many companies are digitizing an increasing amount of data.

“Organizations are under immense pressure to manage and protect growing volumes of data that is outpacing their IT budgets,” said David Jones, senior vice president and general manager, Information Management & Governance, HPE. “With the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite, IT departments can leverage analytics to optimize data management and protect what matters most while driving efficiency, system reliability and compliance across their environments.”

HPE is hoping that combining the three tools into one suite will prove to be greater than the sum of its parts, with each complementing the other. In combination, the tools are designed to offer increased insights into enterprise data while delivering time and cost savings, and significantly mitigating risk, the company said. The suite also includes enhancements and updates to the Data Protector, Backup Navigator, and Storage Optimizer tools.

Analyze, Protect, Optimize

The increasing amount of data as well as out-of-date information management…