Saturday , 22 October 2016
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K. P. Yohannan Led Believers Church Completes Nation Wide Activities to Mark World Literacy Day

  • Believers Church opens more than 300 new Literacy units across the nation

  • Believers Church Kolkata opens 13 new Adult Literacy Centres

  • Believers Church, Diphu (Assam) Launches Literacy Book for the first time in Karbi

  • Believers Church Shillong Launches Garo literacy book






Believers Church concluded its literacy drive and finished several activities that it had initiated across India to mark World Literacy Day. Several awareness drives and innovative initiatives were concluded in different parts of the country.


Believers Church Launching Garo literacy book


This year, Believers Church opened more than 300 new literacy units across the nation. Literacy Day Rally, Literacy Awareness Programs, Distribution of literacy books and other study aids, organizing literacy teachers’ training program were the major initiatives. This year, the Church gave more focus on improving the literacy in north-eastern part of India. The highlight was printing and launching of new literacy books in 2 north eastern languages – Karbi and Garo


Believers Church Diphu Launching Karbi literacy book


Under this drive, Believers Church Kolkata announced opening of 13 new Adult Literacy centers to provide education and study material to illiterate women and children. Besides education & community development programs for adults, these centers will also provide nutritious meals, school supplies and medical attention to the underprivileged children.


Speaking on the occasion Bishop Dr. Juria Bardhan, Head Kolkata and North East said, “Through these initiatives, we want to break the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Education is a fundamental right for all citizens of the country. However due to financial and other constraints we are unable to give access to educational facilities to each and every citizen of the country. This is one small step to ensure education and financial freedom for one and all.


Believers Church Shillong launched the Garo literacy book in Rongjeng in Garo Hills. The program was attended by more than 200 women. The initiative is a part of the Church’s Women’s Fellowship Program that undertakes various initiatives to educate women in India.


Believers Church Diphu also launched the “Toklang Akitap” Literacy Book in Karbi language in Karbianlong District of Assam. Speaking on this occasion, Fr. Anup Jan Jena said, “In the next phase the projects aim to educate illiterate adults by opening learning centers in every district. Volunteers will educate adults in the evening hours in these centers.”


Speaking on the occasion of World Literacy Day, Dr. K. P. Yohannan, Metropolitan of Believers Church said “In many parts of the country especially the North east there is a lack of trained teachers to provide quality education. Through our literacy projects in many of these remote areas, we try and take education to the people.


He further said, “Education is the single most important factor in transforming an individual and the society. Every individual, rich or poor, old or young must have access to quality education. I believe that emphasis needs to be given to make greater headway in education as it alone can fulfill the potential and meet the challenges that the world is facing today.


With addition of Garo & Krabi, the total number of languages in which Believers Church publishes this book has risen 15.


About Believers Church

Believers Church is a Christian denomination with congregations and parishes worldwide and over 2.6 million followers in 10 countries. The Church at present has eleven Bishops who give spiritual and administrative leadership to the various activities of the Church. The current head of the Believers Church is Metropolitan Bishop, Dr. K. P. Yohannan.


The church also undertakes various charitable programs including women empowerment, educational projects, community development programs, rehabilitation projects and relief works. 


Underlined below are some of initiatives undertaken by the Believers Church

  • Believers Church has helped over 80,000 children by providing quality education and timely medical checkups under its Bridge for Hope Program.

  • Believers Church has set up more than 28,000 toilets and has committed its resources to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help educate people on sanitation under the Swatch Bharat Program.

  • Vocational Training and Health awareness programs have been organised for underprivileged communities.

  • The church has conducted eight-month long free literacy programs, to teach the marginalised sections of society how to write and read.

  • The church has provided water to communities where drinking water is scarce by constructing bore wells and community water tanks.

  • The church has given sewing machines, livestock, carpentry tools, rickshaws and agricultural equipments to families to generate regular income.

  • Through the Humanitarian Assistance project the Church has assisted in Nepal earthquake and Odisha Cyclone disaster relief operations through reconstruction of houses, providing food supplies, medicines, water, clothes, mosquito nets, plastic sheets for making tents, hygiene supplies and solar lights.


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