Sunday , 23 October 2016
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Kent RO Cautions Against Duplicate and Counterfeits

Water Purifier brand Kent RO has warned the duplicators and counterfeit  RO manufacturers to immediately stop the mall practices and playing with the health of innocent customers. In last couple of months Kent has taken a strict legal action against such manufacturers, suppliers and traders who are involved in selling and stocking duplicate Kent brand RO purifiers.


11 Duplicate RO machines with stickers of Kent brand was seized then and there

Shop where raid was conducted – MS Dawar Kitchen Mart owned by one Mr Sahil Dawar in Jacobpura market, Sector 12, Gurgaon



Sub Inspector Dhanesh Kumar & 06 Constables from Gurgaon City Police Station raided the shop


A raid was also conducted today in Gurgaon at the premises of M/s. Dawar Kitchen Mart owned by one Mr. Sahil Dawar in Jacobpura Market, Sector 12, Gurgaon with the help of local police from Gurgaon City Police Station. 11 duplicate RO machines with stickers of Kent brand was seized then and there.


Kent has granted Authority to a Brand Protection Agency to conduct investigation and initiate Prosecution under Criminal legislation to punish the infringers/duplicators.


Following a complaint lodged against Dawar Kitchen Mart located at Jacobpura Market, a police team led by Sub Inspector Dhanesh Kumar & 06 Constables from Gurgaon City Police Station raided the shop and seized the Kent brand duplicate ROs. FIR has also been filed against the owner Mr..Sahil Dawar of said Dawar Kitchen Mart who is now under judicial custody.


Commenting on the seizure of fake RO products, Legal Head of Kent RO’s said, “these companies put precious health of innocent customer at a high risk just to make some quick money and now KENT is forcefully enforcing stringent legal action by way of lodging of FIR and ensuring arrest against the duplicators who are selling spurious product by illegal copying models & designs of KENT Purifiers, as well as using substandard filters & parts in said look-alike purifiers. Recently in Bhatinda (Punjab) also a raid was conducted at Laxmi Enterprises and owner Mr. Jatinder Kumar Bansal was arrested and set to judicial custody.”


(Attached: FIR No. & Section charged / Police Station FIR No. 1001 dated 28 Sept 2016 u/s 63 Copyright Act & 420 IPC, Police Station – Gurgaon City)