Sunday , 23 October 2016
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SanDisk Preps World's First 1 Terabyte SDXC Memory Card

If you are looking to expand the memory on your mobile phone or camera and are willing to spend $150 or so, you can buy a microSDXC SanDisk memory card that will give you 256GB of extra space. Before too long though, you may be able to add nearly four times as much memory with a single card — a one terabyte memory card that provides approximately one trillion bytes, or in other words: 1,000 gigabytes of storage capacity.

Yesterday, Western Digital unveiled a prototype of the world’s first one terabyte SD card. The SanDisk 1TB terabyte SDXC card debuted during the opening day of the Photokina photo and video technology trade show in Cologne, Germany. No price has been set, since the card is still in the prototype phase, but videographers and others who need more storage capacity are impressed with the advance.

Storage tech provider Western Digital became the parent company of SanDisk, with its May 2016 acquisition. The company has been continuing its mission to “push the boundaries” of memory for data-intensive uses.

So how much is one terabyte? A terabyte is actually 1,024 gigabytes (GB). We’re talking about monster big capacity here, and in fact, the prefix ‘tera’ is derived from the Greek word for monster. According to the MakeUseOf technology site, one terabyte of storage would equal all of the data you could store on 1,500 of those old-school CD-ROMs that almost no one uses anymore. Stacked on top of one another, those CD-ROMs would reach a height of 39 feet.

512GB Card Debuted in 2014

In a press statement yesterday, Dinesh Bahal, vice president of product management for Western Digital’s content solutions business unit, compared the 1TB prototype to another memory milestone the company reached in 2000.

Sixteen years ago the first SanDisk 64MB SD card was…