Monday , 24 October 2016
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Steelbird Entertainment Released New Musical Album 'Sath Mere – Love Never Ends' by Rajeev & Sweety Kapur

  • New music video from the Steelbird, featuring chairman Rajeev & his wife Sweety Kapur

  • Romantic track highlights the Steelbird boss’ talent on screen and the vocals, much beyond his own boardroom personal

  • Title song presents Rajeev and Sweety in a flashback plus present form of their lives





From the house of Steelbird, earlier known for making state of the art helmets, comes a new musical surprise, featuring Chairman Rajeev and his wife Sweety Kapoor in the album ‘Sath Mere‘. The 3 min 31 sec video has been produced under the banner of Steelbird Entertainment, uploaded on YouTube and it has already started going viral by roping in more than two lakh views within 2 days of uploading the video.


Here is the link to this beautiful track which is so melodious that it has already been named as the “most romantic track of the year 2016”.


The released video is a musical surprise from a person, who is generally seen as a corporate boardroom persona at the helm of affairs in Steelbird Helmets, and is now exploring his artistic talents. The idea behind the video is to love the person most rather than the materialistic things. It has a great approach on how a person survives after their love has left the earth.


Speaking about his latest endeavor, Rajeev said, “I had intended the music album release to be a sort of surprise for those who only knew me for only my business success, but never really witnessed the artistic side to me. I just hope people accept my new role as a performer on screen, as they always did for my Steelbird role”. Since this is the first time he has gone into such a venture, he added, “I am lucky to have my wife Sweety with me in this endeavor, who also features in the video and looks ravishing as ever. Her support was integral in pulling this off as well as it has turned out.”


Sweety Kapur, who also features in the video, has been a strong source of support for her husband, and has been the perfect partner for pulling off this musical venture with elegance. She said, “I always knew Rajeev had an artistic side to him, especially being good with singing. We had both been discussing about doing something romantic, and it has finally been done with the new video. We just hope to get our fans’ support, and keep going forward with new such ideas.”


The music and lyrics were given by Devotees Insanos and Recorded, Mix & Mastered at – Devotees Insanos Studios. The costumes in the video are by brilliant Puja Creations.


There are several more peppy numbers in the pipeline, and can be watched over the YouTube channel Steelbird Entertainment, which released the current ‘Sath Mere‘ video.