Friday , 21 October 2016
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Verint Launches Real-Time Speech Analytics for Customer Engagement

A new speech analytics tool announced yesterday by Verint Systems is designed to help customer service professionals get real-time guidance for better managing calls. The software-based system can alert service reps to caller insights as they happen as well as help companies ensure compliance with important policies and regulations, the company said.

The Melville, New York-based Verint said the new real-time speech analytics capabilities are natively embedded in its software-based recording system for call centers, contact centers and other types of customer interaction operations.

The new capabilities use a “purpose-built speech engine” to listen for words, phrases and sentiments that can guide service professionals in their conversations with customers. Verint said its real-time speech analytics capabilities are available in a variety of deployment model, including on-premises and in the cloud.

Real-Time Insights During Calls

The smart software can also be used to extend the benefits of its existing speech analytics and desktop and process analytics offerings, according to Verint. By providing deeper insights into employees’ encounters with customers, the tool can help users identify trends and opportunities for further service improvements, the company said.

Verint, founded in 2002 but previously operated as a subsidiary of the now-defunct Comverse Technology, markets software and hardware for business and security applications. Its customer analytics clients include BMO Financial Group, ING Direct Canada and New York Life.

By using its new real-time speech analytics capabilities, Verint said businesses can handle customer calls and interactions in a more proactive way, increasing their abilities to resolve problems while improving customer satisfaction. The solution also supports full transcription of calls.

The rules engine driving the speech analytics can help service professionals identify key words or phrases — or the absence of such expressions — used by customers during calls. It can also take note of the timing of such words…